Global settings (under WaterWoo Settings) showing test run feature at bottom of page

Simple WooCommerce product PDF watermark settings

Watermark settings for a simple WooCommerce product (on a product editing page).

variable product global pdf watermark settings

Watermark settings for a variable product (on a product editing page). Global settings for all variations can be overridden per-variation.

woocommerce variable product override PDF watermark settings

Variable product override PDF watermark settings. Here you see two variations, #934 and #935

An image watermark, using a transparent PNG that says “Watermark” in purple.

transparent filigrane overlay low footer

A semi-transparent text watermark, rotated on the page. Says “CONFIDENTIAL,” could say anything! A second watermark (in red) on the footer uses shortcodes for name, email, and purchase date.

A WaterWoo license isn’t required for the plugin to function, but if you want automatic updates, enter your license information under WordPress->Settings->WaterWoo License. You can also deactivate the license so it can be used elsewhere using the Deactivation tab.