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Waterwoo PDF Premium

Version 2.9.5, updated 2019-10-10. Changelog

A WooCommerce PDF watermarking and passwording plugin.

All licenses come with one year of support and updates. License renewals are 50% off.

Earn up to 125 Credits credits.

Earn up to 125 Credits credits.

Selling PDFs online in a WooCommerce store? Watermark and/or password them with your customer's information!

If you are trying to sell e-books or PDFs online, you are right to feel concerned about intellectual theft. Most anyone can download your PDF and turn around and share it with family, friends, or much worse: the entire internet via peer-to-peer networks. One might even try to re-sell your file. And unfortunately many people do not realize that this is not only unfair, but that it is a crime.

If you need to watermark PDF documents version 1.5 and newer without fuss, and also want many more features including broader language support, individual product and variation watermarking, external file hosting (S3, Dropbox), password protection and encryption, more frequent updates, and user support, consider purchasing WaterWoo PDF Premium. WaterWoo is the most powerful and finely configurable PDF watermarker available for WooCommerce.

WaterWoo PDF Premium is an WooCommerce extension, and works only with WooCommerce installed.

Also see the documentation, FAQ, screenshots, and the changelog.

Waterwoo PDF is licensed under the GNU general public license (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html).

If you need a watermarker that works with Easy Digital Downloads, check out EddiMark!


These basic features come also with the free version of this plugin:

  • Watermark designated PDF downloads (as specified by you), or *all* PDF downloads from your site
  • Files do not need to be in a specific directory
  • Watermark can be moved on the page, allowing for different paper sizes (such as letter, A4, legal, etc)
  • Watermarks on portrait and landscape-oriented pages
  • Watermarks upon click of either the customer's order confirmation page link or email order confirmation link
  • Dynamic customer data inputs using shortcodes for customer first name, last name, email, phone, and order date
  • Choice of font face, color, size and placement (horizontal line of text anywhere on the page)
  • Translation ready
  • Open source code

Premium Features

This premium plugin adds the following capabilities:

  • Watermark all PDF files with the same settings OR set individual, totally unique watermarks per product or even per product variation!
  • Optionally password protect PDF files. Choose a password, or set buyer's email as the password, or use a filter hook to create your desired password (phone, zip code... or get creative with your own PHP).
  • Optionally prevent copying, annotating, or modifying of your PDF files
  • Supports all versions of Adobe PDF (through 1.7)
  • Watermark files stored on remote servers (Amazon S3, Dropbox(support dropped 12/2018), etc)
  • Watermark all PDF/paper sizes, not just standard sizes
  • Extended support for stamping in your language (Windows-1252 AND extended characters offered by DejaVu Sans, M Sung [Chinese]and Furat [Arabic]) To see if your language will be watermark-able using DejaVu, view this chart.
  • Watermark with png/gif/jpg images (place images in/on PDF files)
  • Preserves existing external URL links embedded in the PDF. Internal link handling is in development.
  • Preserves existing PDF metadata (title, author, creationdate, keywords, subject, and optionally producer [with boolean 'wwpdf_overwrite_producer' hook])
  • Rotatable transparent page overlay watermark, apart from footer watermark (two watermark locations!)
  • Additional text formatting options, such as font color, style (bold, italics, HTML), and alignment (left/right/center)
  • Support for RTL (right-to-left) watermarking
  • Additional dynamic customer data input using shortcodes: business name, order date plus days/weeks/months/years (could be used for product/license expiration dates), order number, and quantity ordered by product ID (could be used to watermark how many of a specific item was purchased)
  • Add a 1D or 2D custom barcode (includes QR codes) to your watermark!
  • Begin watermark on selected page of PDF document (to avoid watermarking a cover page, for example)
  • Watermark every page, every odd page, or every even page. Watermark the first page only or the last page only.
  • Test your watermark and/or manually watermark a file on the fly
  • Option to fall back and serve file un-watermarked if watermarking fails, rather than show customer an error
  • Built-in event and error logging to help with record-keeping and trouble-shooting
  • Localization ready. Comes with Spanish, French, and German translations.
  • Compatible with the third-party "Free Downloads WooCommerce" plugin - shoot out watermarked PDFs straight from the product page!
  • Excellent customer service

System Requirements

  • WordPress 4.0 or newer
  • WooCommerce 3.0 or newer
  • PDF(s). WaterWoo PDF Premium will not work on other types of files like ePub.
  • PHP 5.4 or newer (recommended 7.0 or newer)
  • PHP mbstring (multi-byte string) support if using an international font, Deja Vu, M Sung or Furat
  • If you are selling large files or have high sales traffic, you may need to upgrade your hosting account. Do at least set your PHP memory limit high.

View the changelog

Limitations of WaterWoo

What is WaterWoo best for? In a few words: simple, smaller-size PDFs

  • WaterWoo does not preserve internal links in a PDF such as table of contents
  • WaterWoo can not parse or watermark PDF forms

As far as we are aware, there is no commercial PDF watermarker for Wordpress which preserves internal links. This is due to strict licensing requirements of Setasign PDF. Please do not request this feature unless you have a large budget.

To watermark sheet music, sewing patterns, customized gift certificates and awards, and pamphlets, WaterWoo is perfect for the job.