Software Description

WaterWoo PDF is a plugin that adds a watermark to every page of your PDF file(s). The watermark is customizable with font face, font color, font size, placement, and text. Not only that, but since the watermark is added when the download button is clicked (either on the customer’s order confirmation page or email), the watermark can include customer-specific data such as the customer’s first name, last name, phone and email. Your watermark is highly customizable and manipulatable!

Features Include:

  • You can watermark only designated PDF downloads (as specified by you), or all PDF downloads from your site
  • Files do not need to be in a specific directory
  • Extended support for stamping in your language
  • Watermark can be moved on the page, allowing for different paper sizes (such as letter, A4, legal, etc)
  • Watermarks upon click of either the customer’s order confirmation page link or email order confirmation link
  • Dynamic customer data inputs using shortcodes
    • customer first name, last name, email, and phone number
    • business name
    • telephone number
    • order date
    • order date plus days/weeks/months/years (could be used for product/license expiration dates)
    • order number
    • quantity ordered by product ID (could be used to watermark many of a specific item was purchased)
  • Choice of font face, color, size and placement (horizontal line of text anywhere on the page).
  • Rotatable transparent page overlay watermark, apart from footer watermark (two watermark locations!)
  • Additional font faces and text formatting options, such as font color and style (bold, italics)
  • Begin watermark on selected page of PDF document (to avoid watermarking a cover page, for example)
  • Password protect and/or encrypt PDF files
  • Test watermark and/or manually watermark a file on the fly
  • Automatic plugin updates via WordPress backend