WaterWoo Action & Filter Hooks, listed

WaterWoo PDF Premium comes with many built-in hooks that will allow someone familiar with PHP (and Wordpress hooks) to further customize the plugin functioning. Note, these hooks are not stated functions of the plugin and therefore are NOT included in plugin support other than to correct mistakes on our end or perhaps add in new hooks if you need them. They are listed here by appearance in various plugin files, with a little information about what each can do. You might find code examples for these hooks here. class-wwpdf-file-handler.php 'wwpdf_do_cleanup' - filter to maybe prevent cleanup of files served via forced or xsendfile download. Added in version 2.2 'wwpdf_file_cleanup' - action to clean up residual files on the [...]

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Dropbox Support Dropped

Unfortunately, we can no longer claim WaterWoo (or WooCommerce for that matter) will work with Dropbox-served files using the WooCommerce Dropbox plugin. It was brought to our attention that files are not being reliably served intact to WooCommerce from Dropbox by the plugin. Since support for the WooCommerce Dropbox plugin seems to have gone away, and the plugin hasn't been updated in two years, we recommend you use another solution for hosting your files externally until the Dropbox/Woo plugin is repaired or a new solution becomes available.

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PDF Watermarking Limitations, explained

WaterWoo is magic, but it does have its limitations. And one particular limitation has been disappointing customers, and frustrating us, for years. We'd like to explain. First of all, let's explain how WaterWoo works. In a nutshell, WaterWoo works by first reading a PDF into memory, then spitting it back out onto the page with watermarks rolled in. If the parser (FPDI or TCPDI) which reads the PDF does not read all the PDF, or cannot read certain PDF versions, then WaterWoo fails to deliver the expected. Ultimately, WaterWoo is built on top of 3rd party software, and there are factors we cannot control. We are unaware of any PDF watermarker for Wordpress available which preserves all PDFs [...]

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Brazilian Shops can Watermark CPF

You can add your own shortcodes to WaterWoo PDF Premium for on-the-fly customized watermarks. One request from a Brazilian customer was for a shortcode for the Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas (CPF). This is a taxpayer identification number all citizens of Brazil must use to shop online within Brasil. We created the shortcode [BILLING_CPF] to import any customer's CPF number into their watermarked (personalized) PDF. Here is the code to add to a (child) theme functions.php file: function fetch_custom_checkout_field( $input, $order_id, $product_id ) { // first we need to get the order object from the order id // you can get a lot of info from the order object ( $order in this case) $order = wc_get_order( $order_id [...]

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